Hi, my name is Ann Ferguson and I have a tiny fabric boutique, Quiltopia!Design.
 I am a quilt maker and designer with a passion for fabric and travel. Many of my quilts are inspired by places I've been. I love fabrics! My tastes are eclectic and I love anything from Antique French, 70's kitsch, real African prints from Africa, Bali Batiks and Ikats, to modern commercial designer collections. I use them all in my original quilts. My shop has a little bit of everything and is bursting at the seams. I sell it all on eBay in my Quiltopia!Design eBay Etsy Stores. 
 I changed from quilt teacher to retailer in 2008 when my accountant suggested I sell something to supplement my income earned through patchwork teaching and commissioned quilts. So I started selling Moda pre cuts from my home, on eBay, as well as teaching and designing quilts…..
Now the fabric shop has taken over my life!
I still try to make a couple of major original quilts for exhibition each year, but most of the time I'm online forming relationships with quilters and customers through my blog, Facebook Page, Pinterest and of course eBay and Etsy. People ask why I have chosen eBay rather than my own website? The answer is, I started by listing on eBay because I couldn't afford to add a shopping cart to my website and now I have such a fantastic little eBay Store, and loyal customers, that it's hard to change. But it's evolving all the time, and I just try to go with the flow when I can. I am in the process, right now, of renovating my website and blog as more of a shop update. You will know a bit more about my shop and what we can offer you for your quilting and craft projects as well as sharing all the creativity that happens, nice pictures and of course, new quilts. I like take a process approach so you can see how quilts grow from first idea to the last stitch in the binding ( and possibly to when the first cat sits on them too!)
Quiltopia!Design is at 4/39 Maple Street, Maleny; open 10ish - 4:30ish Monday to Friday, 10:30 - 2:30 Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.
I'm a single parent with a teenage daughter, so I'm pretty busy but….
You can contact me at any time by liking my Facebook Page, commenting on this blog, or by email. Look in the left sidebar and you will see all my contact details.
Thank you for dropping by, and I hope we meet again -

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