Saturday, January 17, 2009

Changes in Quiltopia!Design Studio

We moved into our new house on 14th February, Valentines' Day, 2009। It's a small house, but I designed it so that the studio was the biggest room.
I decided not to get the builders to put shelving in cupboards and on the walls because I thought it would be best to get custom shelves and things built...and anyway, I could make do with the assortment of odd bookshelves and units we'd accumulated over the years... some of them even rejected at the garage sales...
Sound familiar?

Well, tomorrow's the day! I've contracted a mobile shelving company to come and fit the place out with floor to ceiling shelving at customised intervals.
So I took these photos to compare the difference. You can see how cluttered it is, and yet how much wasted space exists too.
Keep posted to see the difference and maybe get some ideas for your own creative space.

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  1. Awww.. 2 of the pictures aren't coming up.

    DO you have photoshop Ann? If you do, reduce the size of your images to 72, and then choose "save for web". you don't lose clarity and the pictures load up more easily.



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