Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two Versions on a Theme for Papua New Guinea

Here is the finished Bird of Paradise Quilt. If you click for a close-up, you will see the stamens in the flowers. For each flower I used three gold bugle beads topped with a red seed bead so the give the impression of exotic tropical blooms.
Underneath is the top of an alternative quilt in Pacific Island fabrics I bought in Fiji. I thought it could model an alternative for beginner workshop participants . It also shows a way to use some of those full-on tropical floral prints for people who need to quilt but can't always get American patchwork fabrics.
I love to use unconventional fabrics for quilts, and discovering surprising results.
This quilt is not finished yet. I plan to make it full size with another triangle border and exotic folk art/ethnic applique on top and bottom.
I've got ONE WEEK til I get on the plane for Port Moresby and have been madly writing up workshop notes when last night my lap top's screen went blank and black! When it finally came back, the computer couldn't be turned off. I left it all night, having faith that everything would be alright...
At 5.45 AM, I crawled out of bed and came straight to the studio- it was just as I left it last night. I was looking up computer repair men when my daughter came out and pressed the Start button (something I too had done countless times to no avail), and the computer came back to life!
The terrible feeling of panic I'd had, having no back up for all my files and the deadline of next week... Huge relief now. And today I'm going to buy one of those back up data storage things.
It's frightening how reliant we are on these machines.
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  1. Beautiful work, love the flowers in the top quilt.


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