Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maleny Quilt Show

Here we are at the Maleny Quota Quilt Show, while the rest of the world is at Spring Quilt Market in the States!
I've already posted some quilts that were part of the exhibition and now here are a few pictures of the stalls and local patchwork, quilting and craft stores in the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland region.

This was my first time as a merchant at any quilt event, ever, so it was all pretty exciting for me! I'm sitting at my stand below. I hung the beautiful Robyn Allen- Waters "Sewing Circle "Quilt behind the stall and had heaps of people interested in it as well as her "French Collection". (Both are available from my online and Ebay stores. On that note, my website is currently undergoing some improvements, including easier buying facilities and a subscriber newsletter.)
Looking down the short row of stalls on my side, you can see Margaret from Gympie Patchwork in the foreground and Karyll with her exquisite hand-dyed fabrics from Palmwoods. I never cease to be amazed at the number of talented artists and artisans we have in this small corner of the world.

Here's Lesley from "Les Bears" and some of her superb teddies, patterns and doll and bear accessories. I had to buy one of her teddy bear jumpers for a bear from my collection...

And here he is, looking very smart and warm in his new multi coloured jacket! He's a 1940's English Twyford bear, an off-shoot of English Pedigree Toys. Doesn't he look cute?
I went to a fantastic workshop with brilliant American quilt maker and designer, Sharon Schamber a few days ago. She's so clever and I'll post about that soon.

All the best for now and happy browsing,

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  2. How do I purchase a copy of the "French Village" pattern? It isn't listed in your ebay store. Thanks, Ina

  3. Dear Ann,

    I come from Marysville and yesterday my mother and I were each given one of the truly magnificent quilts made with love by the ladies of Maleny. I just want to thank you all for the hours of work that went into these quilts and to let you know that the ladies of Marysville receive these gifts with gratitude and thanks. My one and only attempt at making a quilt was unfortunately burned in the devastating fires that took our homes earlier this year. I know how much effort and time goes into one of these quilts and it helps us all cope just a little better to know that the wonderful women of Maleny are supporting us.

    We have just moved out of a shed on our farm and into a temporary unit in the Marysville village and to have such a lovely brand new quilts on our beds is uplifting. This morning Marysville was covered with the first snow fall of the season. It really is a land of such extremes.

    I have just come back from the Sunshine coast and went to Maleny (the cheese and yoghurts were fabulous). I wish I had known of the quilts before I left as I would have thanked you all personally.

    Thank you for thinking of us and caring about us.

    Kathryn Morrison
    Unit 12
    Marysville Temporary Village
    Vic 3779


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