Saturday, December 12, 2009

Have You Seen This Quilt?

This is a quilt I made earlier this year from an Arcadia Jelly Roll and a pattern from Moda Bake Shop. A lot of people liked it and I've shown them how to make it as well as sold kits in all sorts of fabric ranges and colours.
Today this quilt was stolen from just outside the doorway to my shop!
It was hot and the door was closed for the air conditioning. It was a quiet day, with few customers. I arranged the quilts on the display stand so they looked really attractive... so attractive that someone took the opportunity to pop up the lane and lift this quilt from the rack and walk right out into the main street of Maleny without anyone noticing!
I'm still in shock. I came out and saw it wasn't there, then looked around everywhere like it might be hiding.
No- one saw or heard anyone come down the hall, or out again.
So someone got a completely hand made, one - of- a - kind quilt for Christmas for nothing!
It's so sad that people can do that sort of thing. They like hand made quilts, but they don't like to pay for the time, materials and creativity.
Lesson learned by me: From now on, if people want to look at and admire my quilts, they can come right into my shop to do it.
Take care and I hope nothing like this happens to any of you over the Christmas Season,

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  1. OMG! That is horrible!

    Good luck finding it! Really pretty quilt!


  2. So sorry this has happened to you.
    It would be nice of the thiefs concience surfaced and the quilt was returned to you.

  3. sad for you to loose a quilt in this manner.
    Rotten little shite! Hope you get it back soon. Did you report it to the police? Think of it this way, if it was a painting, a bookcase or a pair of shoes stolen from a shope the owner would report it and so should you. You never know, it just might be found when the police bust the next noisey party or the next 'domestic' down the block.

  4. Thats awful!! Well their going to have plenty of bad karma to go along with their new beautiful quilt. You would think a quilt would be a pretty big thing to just walk away with I can't believe no one noticed anything. I'm sorry for your loss, I know how upset I would be to have something I worked on so hard just disappear.

  5. I can't believe someone would do this!
    I hope the feel too guilty to use it themselves, and donate it to the homeless!

  6. Ann this is just awful and sad at the same time.
    I don't understand people how they sleep at night just taking something because they want it.

    Have mentioned this on the Scquilters list as it will reach a lot of people and hope some will come and visit your blog to see the quilt and hopefully it can be returned.


  7. What a mean thing to do. I hope it makes its way home undamaged. Perhaps a "watch out, thieves about" story in the local paper might make people keep an eye out for your quilt.

  8. This is terrible - I'm so sorry that this happened to you - all that work and time! I think as quilters we always worry about posting our quilts out...I know I do...but to have a quilt stolen from in front of your store is shocking! I'll keep an eye out like I'm sure we all will.

  9. What a rotten thing to do - so much for the season of good will. I agree that you might gain much by seeking some publicity for the theft - at least the thief would be unable to show it anywhere without being exposed.

  10. I'm so sorry to see you have had a quilt stolen, like having your heart wrenched out of your chest.
    I hope whoever has stolen it has second thoughts and returns it to you- if not bad karma to them. There's a saying what you send out into the lives of others comes back tenfold!
    It would be worthwhile you posting it to the website, I forget the exact address but I think its something like Lost
    They have an international listing for quilts incase it turns up somewhere someone may recognise it.

  11. is just awful that some low life stole a piece of your art work from you.
    I also agree that you need to report it to the police.
    I look forward to coming up to Maleny and catching up with you and Amelia over the holidays.
    Love and care

  12. so sorry to hear that, they steal purses from my shop but only the expensive ones and just leave the empty box

  13. I am really sad for you and just hope that the person who stole it will bring it back. How horrid they are!!

  14. My Gawwd Ann..............I hate thieves!!! Oh make another one, and I'll quilt it for you. Damn nasty bit of work they are,now they have ruined it for us honest folks.......... now we don't get to see your work hanging in the street!! Once again, a minority ruin it for the majority!!

  15. How disappointing .... some folk think it is their right to just take what they want.
    I've had a few bears stolen at shows and it leaves a bad taste...
    Aside from that hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  16. I am gobsmacked by awful!

    Have you facebooked this ann? Just in case anyone sees it....i will do it so very very sorry. this happened to you,

    And you are right ..people will not oay for these things and have no concept of the effect of their actions

  17. I `m atât de rău pentru pierderea ta.


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