Sunday, March 7, 2010

Two New Quilts, Another Commission Finished

Just to start off, here's a little doll quilt I made from the scraps left over from Amelia's quilt. I used all the cut off edges for the triangles and the border comes from the backing. It's sweet, and just visible in the background of the ironing board photo. I've got another one in progress, from the really little scraps of the same quilt.
I love doll quilts - so random and cute!

Behold the scene of conception of a new quilt commission in my studio. It's not very pretty. I was asked to make quilts for two 12 year old boys. This is the first. The colours were chosen and I decided to make a snowball block, with a look of tiles and tortoise shell, from fabrics provided by my client with a few of my own thrown in. It turned out to be quite a fiddly exercise with all those little corners and lots of cutting and pressing.
How do you like my ironing board cover? I can't help smiling every time I use it. I covered it with a fabulous Alexander Henry fabric called The Outdoor Type from my shop.
The quilt was finished with a simple black border and binding, and minimal quilting in the ditch so it retained a soft and cuddly feel. It's quite a large single bed size. I used lovely 100% bamboo wadding again.
In 12 years of quilting, this is my first quilt made specifically for a boy! I made a small one for my Dad, early in my quilting life. Apart from that, all the others have been for girls, women, or non-gender specific - just quilts I wanted to make. It was a bit of a challenge, and I think it's worked. I enjoyed working with the strong, earthy colours. I do think a lot of girls would like it too...
xoxo Ann.

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  1. great snowballs! ;-) I have a load of them sitting here I need to finish and get together!!! yours looks fab now maybe I'll finish mine!!

  2. you receive a gift of Spring blog


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