Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Shower

We went to a Baby Shower today. Can you tell what the baby's going to be?

Big-sister-to-be, Caitlyn, invited everyone and organised the whole event- including food, decorations, and games. As you can see, the food was excellent. And the games were...different!
Prepare for grossness!
One of them involved different melted chocolate bars squished into nappies! We had to open the nappies, smell the chocolate and guess what type of bar had been used. The girls relished the task but it was a bit off-putting.
Mum-to-be, Chris was calm and considering when her turn came. Perhaps she was anticipating future events!
Now for something quilty: Christine is a keen quilter and look at the sweet little quilts she's made in preparation for the new arrival. The look so lovely with this gorgeous rocking bassinet she picked up for a song from eBay!

It really was a lot of fun! Thanks Caitlyn and Chris.
xo xo Ann.
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  1. Mmm...not so sure that I would be tempted to play that game.....


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