Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three Things I'm Working On

I wanted to let you see three works in progress that have been taking up my time lately.Here they are in order of finished-ness:
The first one is my second commissioned quilt for a boy. I've decided on this medallion star centre and a number of borders. It's been a bit slow going, but I want to finish the top over Easter.
The second is a strip pieced hexagon quilt. I decided to use only fabrics from my shop - beautiful ones that for some reason aren't selling well. As soon as I started working on the quilt top, people stared noticing the fabric - and buying it! So I took the top home and finished working on it here so I'll have fabric to make some kits with. It's now ready to be least favourite part.
And the third is one I started over a year ago! Dolly's already found it where it waits between quilting times,- usually at night in front of the telly. This one I made from a pack of indigo and red Shweshwe squares. I used a gorgeous Prints Charming red and white fabric in the sashing. For almost a year this quilt has existed as a top and been used as a table cloth to cover a trestle table. It's already a bit dirty and stained... I'm free hand quilting it with an off- white sashiko thread (to stand out against the bright white background).

It should be finished very soon, with a binding in the same red and white fabric.
I have given myself a couple of days off over Easter and I have so many things I want to do including:
  1. working on all the above quilts
  2. adding colour the stitcheries for The Sewing Circle quilt which I started at the same time as my blog - just over a year ago
  3. gardening in my jungle of weeds
  4. catching up with friends and spending time with my daughter
  5. writing a shop newsletter for Quiltopia and updating my contacts list
  6. updating my eBay store
  7. reading some blogs!
  8. writing some blog entries!
  9. ...and the list goes on
Oh yeah, and FINISHING my book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - only another chapter!
That's what I'm going to do right now.
xoxo Ann

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  1. love what your working on ,never enough hst in a quilt in mho!
    they look great, love the star in the center, I have seen this on antique quilts ...

  2. Do those meows actually smell out quilts.
    As soon as a piece of fabric appears it has to be sat on.
    I left some of the arm of a sofa.....and sure was found.
    I have to chuckle....I can sit in here for hours but if I start to sing along to the radio Mogs comes in the check and grabs a cuddle at the same time.
    I like what I can see of what she is sitting on.

  3. Ann's 2 extremely beautiful quilts and I think everyone will be happy when they are ready.
    I like writing the blog.
    girlfriend, Ortansa


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