Monday, July 19, 2010

3 Squares

This is the next stage in my 3 Squares quilt. I am making a border of rectangles combining the two sizes of the central squares - 2 inches x 4 inches. Originally I had planned large 4 inch x 8 inch rectangles but when I was writing up the previous post about 3 Squares I realized they weren't true to the dimensions of the original fabric. So I changed them.
I haven't got much further because I've been working on another sampler quilt using French General Rural Jardin fabrics
(it's proved a little more problematic than I expected)
and I'm planning for a challenging workshop in Barcaldine, in outback Queensland, which is suddenly coming up this weekend!
More about all this later,
xo xo Ann.
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  1. Ann I love the 3 square quilt so far, its just fun to look at and well graphic, I love graphic! Love the hexagons too! pretty fabrics.

  2. That 3 Squares project is amazing!

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