Friday, September 3, 2010

My Comfy Chair Just Got Comfier, Again.

Another cushion for the comfy chair!
I made this one while I was a t the Mapleton Quilt Show a couple of weekends ago. I realized I'd forgotten to prepare anything to do/sew while I was sitting at my stall, so I opened an extra large Yo Yo Maker, a pack of Moda Charm Squares and a skein of Sashiko thread, and started hand sewing. By the end of the weekend, I was giving demos on how to use the Yo Yo tool ( which I'd never used's that easy!)
I'd been dying to use these Sugar Pop fabrics for a little project and this turned out to be it.
I finished the cushion with some chocolate solid fabric as a backing, a scrap of lime for the border and two different sized rick- racks.
I like the jumbo one on the edge as a finish.
Anyway, I thought it was very cute and intend to make a quick a pattern for it. Meanwhile, feel free to come in and try it out when you browse the fabric shelves!
This weekend is the inaugaral Quilt Show of the Maleny Arts and Crafts Group to be held at Maleny Show Pavillion. There will be some amazing quilts there as there are some very tallented quilters in the group, so make Maleny a destination this week end.
See you there.
xo xo Ann.
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  1. Gorgeous cushion!
    I am planning on dragging my family up to Maleny for the quilt show, might see you there!

  2. What a gorgeous cushion. The YoYo maker certainly makes neat YoYos which look much better than the ones I use to make the traditional way. You have inspired me to try it out. Happy stitching!


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