Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sudoku Quilt

I've made a start on the cute little Sudoku Quilt from the Moda Sudoku boxes I got in last week. This one is Central Park by Kate Spain - love her designs!
I've got the plan to make a really nice Sudoku Quilt and I keep ordering fabrics I have visions of something like that in, but there's always one or two of the colours I want missing. Frustrating:(
Anyway, I've got enough to go on with just now, with the Stained Glass one and the 2010 Closure one still begging to be finished :) It's ready to be basted now and hanging over the back of a chair...I've got a few like that right now. Have fun stitching,
♥ Ann.


  1. Looking forward to see the sodoku quilt!Have fun ;)

  2. Sudoku is fun to play, but even better in a quilt! Looking forward to seeing it!

  3. Yea! I've been wanting to do something with sudoku too! I first want to do a word search quilt. What fun and "great minds think alike ;-)".

  4. Super Cool Ann!

    Love the idea of a Sudoku Quilt.

    After wrapping my head around these puzzles all day it would be real nice to wrap my body in one too ... lol.

  5. Ann,

    Kisses from Brazil!



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