Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homespun Chic by Melody Ross - In Store Now!

I've been waiting quite a while for this quirky collection to arrive. It's Homespun Chic by Melody Ross, and it's gorgeous - just had to let you know.
The two star pieces feature retro 1950's couture.
On "Vintage Ladies",  lovely ladies modeling chic " new look" frocks, purses, hats and attitudes from the '50's grace the smooth cotton.
"Sewing Pattern" features sewing notions, paper patterns (like I learnt to sew from!), measures and everything cute about sewing.
There are also two lovely florals and a smattering of coordinates in green, blue, chocolate and red.
I think the whole lot would look unexpectedly stunning all cut up and sewn back together in a Zakka style project.... Perhaps a Nicole Mallalieu bag.... An apron... You be the judge.
Happy sewing,
Vintage Ladies, pink
Sewing Pattern
Our full collection - soon to be added to our eBay Store
Don't you think one of these You Sew Girl Shell Purses would look nice in one or these fabrics?

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