Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's a Hoot Zakka Cushion Finished.

You might remember the tiny It's a Hoot Scrap Quilt I was making? I decided to make it into a cushion in the end. I also wanted to try out my beautiful new Japanese Linen in a little project, so i combined the two and made a Zakka inspired cushion.
The squares were 2 1/2 inches left over from a quilt made with a Jelly Roll and Layer Cake, and just too cute to not use. They were sitting behind my sewing machine for a long while….
There were 81 in total, which made a nice sized cushion top. (Dolly thought so too.)
 Do you ever iron open your patchwork seams? I have been doing it more and more often, specially when there are lots seams. I find it really makes the finished piece smooth and gives a good finish.
Quilting in progress - top.
This was a hand quilted project. I always use a quilter's hoop for hand quilting, it just helps me keep the tension even.     
Quilted back - It would have looked nice as a quilt too.
The top was trimmed back and I used that nice oatmeal linen for the back. 
It was just a simple envelope style back, which I finished with a groovy little row of stitching to fit in with the cushion front.
And here it is, proudly sitting on the couch with some other nice cushions….

And here it is, in its real home amongst the casual stylings of a 15 year old's bedroom. She actually liked this project, what could I do?

I've been sewing with MoMo's new fabrics, Oh Deer, too and just finished another very easy quilt made from a layer cake, but that's a subject for another day.
Do you prefer hand or machine quilting?
Till next time - happy sewing,

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  1. This pillow is soooooooo beautiful Ann. I admire your patience to hand quilt all of those little squares, but the end result looks just fabulous.


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