Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh Deer - More MoMo Fabric and a Quilt.

More fabric from my favourite fabric designer for Moda fabrics, MoMo, and a new precuts quilt as well! Usually I have simple quilt made up from one Layer Cake in the shop, just so people can see exactly what size they sew up to. The last one was from Blackbird Designs Garden Party, and so many people wanted to buy it, I finally succumbed. But then of course I had to make a new one. I can't resist MoMo's cute Japanese Kawaii designs, and the new collection is no exception. Oh Deer, has funky colours, deer, birds and flowers, stripes and spots - gorgeous!
You can see, every time a new range arrives I have to make something with it. One of my recent posts was about the little Zakka style cushion I made from It's a Hoot. And the quilts above are from that range, and also Freebird, both using the precut packs, Layer cakes and Jelly Rolls.
There is nothing earth shatteringly new about this quilt and I wanted to keep it as simple as possible - time is scarce for samples when I keep trying to make art quilts as well - and I tied it instead of quilting.
I used a variegated Sashiko thread and a strong Sashiko needle. If you don't know, the knot used for quilt tying is most usually a reef or box knot. 
If you can remember back to Girl Guides it's the first knot you learn - right over left and under, left over right and under. I used some little fabric pads on the back to lessen the strain from the knots on the fabric. These were just left over 1" selvedge strips from the backing fabric cut to 3" lengths then folded and pressed as you can see below. This was an idea I adapted from Denyse Schmidt's newest book, Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration. She has a lovely whole cloth quilt on p.70 which is tied using this method.
You can see the back here and if you look closely, you can just make out the little tags on the back. they feel quite soft and textural. Of course, you can tie your quilt with any thread, but I find cotton or wool best as both stay knotted better and wash to create an interesting texture.
The other thing I really wanted to use was one of my new, stunning stripy bias bindings. I think it makes a really nice finish on the edge of this quilt, don't you? (You can get some yourself from my Etsy Shop.) It's so easy to sew on all in one go. Just place it over the edge, pin and sew.
 You can make a quilt like this from any Moda Layer Cake, or any 42 x 10 inch squares of fabric. Lay the squares out 6 across x 7 down and the finished size will be 57" x 66.5". It's a large throw, and if you double the quantity, you end up with a full queen size quilt…so easy, yet so nice.

Finally, a little traditional Japanese finish with this sweet owly obi. I love the playful design on this so traditional piece of Japanese apparel, don't you?
I can't wait till my Japan trip at the end of September…

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