Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cats and Quilts Go Together Like Cheese and Vegemite: You either love them or hate them!

Isn't she adorable? Her name's Dolly and she loves to luxuriate on my quilts where ever they are in whatever stage of construction she finds them in. This one happens to be a kit quilt from Julie Wallace, The Quilters' Barn.
We have two delightful grey cats, a brother and sister called Dusty and Dolly, and from time to time they will make their little appearances on my blog.
They just seem to go so well with quilts, as cheese goes with Vegemite so do cats go with quilts... I guess you either love them or hate them!


  1. Lovely pyramid quilt & great kitty! (They need to make more than an occasional appearance!)

  2. I forgot - thanks for visiting my blog!


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