Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quiltopia!design Studio Reorganisation

Above: Before, the inside of my fabric cupboard and the wall space.

Well, here it is again. The studio is finished undergoing its reorganisation. A guy came in a van and measured up my cupboard and wall space. He drew up a plan accounting for my shelf height specifications, then he went back downstairs to the van and figured out the quote. He came back up and showed me and I agreed on the spot, after doing extensive research over the last year, into all sorts of flat packs and DIY options. Then another guy came back a couple of days later with all the shelving pre- cut and ready to go. He installed all the shelves that morning... and then i was left with the huge mess and emptying out all the plastic crates I've been storing stuff in for over 10 years. It took a few days, and I found a few forgotten treasures but here are the Before and After shots. I had to put them in a few posts as I haven't fine-tuned the image posting part of blogging yet. Still working on that...

Below: After the shelves were installed and my fabrics etc unpacked in them. How much space is there?

The wall now has heaps of room to stack my African fabrics, Fat Quarters, and bolts of stock. You can see the quaint little applique quilt hanging from Zimbabwe. These all ave a secret pocket you have to find with the story of the quilt written in English by the maker.
I might show that in a future post...
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