Sunday, February 8, 2009

Australian Disasters

I don't feel I can go on without acknowledging the shocking disasters befalling the two ends of our Australian continent.
Early this morning I was sitting at my sewing machine feeling despondent and overwhelmed with everything I have to do piling up on top of me, how difficult my life is,how it isn't the way I want it to be... then I heard the news, and the continuing tragedy of the people and animals in the Victorian bush fires and North Queensland floods. Suddenly, all my concerns seemed so small and everything fell into perspective . I am doing OK, those pour people have lost absolutely everything!

I live in Queensland, where the people in the North have been devastated by floods and storms, many losing their homes, livelihoods and possessions, as well as now facing the threats of disease from water-born insect pests and the reptilian dangers of floating crocs. Already a little boy is suspected to have been taken by a crocodile.
Then in the midst of all this,the southern states have been experiencing an extreme heatwave, culminating in horrific bush fires, and devastation of whole towns in Victoria. Hundreds or thousands of homes, farms, business have been lost to the fires as well as over one hundred and eight lives - with more still missing and undiscovered. It's unbelievable in this day and age that such a fire disaster could occur, and that many of the fires would have been caused by human negligence, not to mention intent.
I watched the news last night and was overwhelmed by fear at the images of flames, smoke and houses raised to the ground. Then this morning I've been listening to people talking about their experiences and tragedies. It's like a terrible nightmare.

We seem so powerless as individuals , however there are places to donate money and many of groups (including our quilting groups) will be organizing relief and aid to those in need. The NAB and ANZ banks are taking financial donations for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Blood donations are also being called for.

My blog will be black for the next week as a mark of respect to the many individuals and communities who are living and experiencing this tragedy, as well as to those who have lost their lives.

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