Saturday, February 7, 2009

Truly Retro!

I've just started "The Sewing Circle" buttons stitchery quilt by Robyn Allen-Waters. Needle work hasn't been "my thing" since primary school but I loved the retro designs I first saw on Bizarre Quilter's blog (Sorry, I still haven't figured out how to make links in my posts but that blog is listed in ' My Blog List' in the sidebar so have a look, it's brilliant). So now I stock the patterns and kits and am starting a BOM this February 25Th in the Quiltopia!Design studio. Have a look on my website for prices of the stitchery patterns and you're welcome to contact me if you'd like to join the group.
But the stars of these shots are my two little 1950's bears. I don't know if you've looked in my profile, but if you have you will have seen that I collect vintage teddy bears.
These two little bears are an Australian Joy Toy, 1959, on the left and a New Zealand Pedigree on the right. The little Joy Toy was a present to me at birth so he's been with me his whole life. Unfortunately I must have pulled out his eyes (perhaps during my Punk phase?) and drawn them back on with texta. It was hard to cover up when I decided to sew eyes back on...
In the picture below, he poses with the kitchen scale stitchery, in my working 50's kitchen scales- the only scales I use! And yes, the tea towel is fifties too, handed down from my grandmother's linen cupboard.

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