Sunday, March 22, 2009

The assorted squares are laid out in overlapping piles and I start stacking sets of squares in groups of five, so I can keep track of the number, up to 52 squares in each pile for each fabric pack. You can see the packs starting on the left with the row of purple squares.

Here are the packs before tying for presentation. You can see here everything that huge disorganised mass of fabric produced: on the left are some squares for the Black White Red packs of 52, 5.5 inch squares, above that is a stack of squares rejected and for me, in the centre above are the two completed stacks of African Squares, below that are two piles of partially full packs, then to the right are the scraps - selvages and large bits for me to make my African collaged fabric like I used in the African Stripes Quilt.

Finally! The finished fabric packs. I got 17 complete packs out of my initial fabrics and TWO FULL DAYS WORK, cutting, folding, stacking, collating and packing with finishing touches of raffia tie and authentic African Bead.

I go to bed tired and with a very sore back...
My African Squares packs cost AU$37.00. Bargain!

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  1. My back started hurting just reading about it!
    Fabulous fabrics and I love your African Quilt. Glad you stopped by my blog and left a message so I could find your site. I'll visit again.


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