Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quiltopia!Design African Squares.

(I've had to post this story it two posts because I can't seem to be able to load on more than 3 or 4 photos. Is that the same for everyone?)

I make packs of 52 , 5 1/2" squares for my African Quilt. They can be used to make the African Quillow too - and just about anything else you have in mind.
Recently, I reached the end of my supply - somethingI dread in many ways ( but am very happy that I've sold them all!)
So it's time to cut some more...
Here is the pile of fabrics ready to start.

the pile of fabrics, I cut up to three, 5 1/2" strips across whatever width there is.
Every time I cut squares, I finish some precious fabric. This time I finished several of my very first, original fabrics purchased in Pretoria and Cape Town four years ago, and also some my mother (who is not a quilter) purchases at a Zimbabwean market.
At the time my sister was living in South Africa and we had the good fortune to visit her.

The stacked up pile of about 70 different fabrics!
Love the way it looks...
I especially love this hot pink one with coffee cups, the orange with shoes underneath it, and all the Da Gama Madiba range featuring Nelson Mandela's head. I found out recently that this range is no longer in production - but watch out for it in my products in the future.

The final stage in the cutting process involves cutting each fabric strip into 5 1/2" squares and organising them in rows ready to dole out into piles of 52. I try to make charm packs, but sometimes it's just not possible.
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