Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello Dolly! This is just a quick catch up...

It's been so wet here with Cyclone Hamish cruising down towards the Sunshine Coast.
Our poor cats Dolly and Dusty have been spending a lot of time indoors.
Dolly looks a bit evil here, I think she was actually poking her tongue out at me!

My hat goes off to all of you out there in the world of blogging who post regularly, engage interest , continue to be creative and productive and constantly make and promote your arts and well as have relationships with your families and run your businesses!

My Blog has suffered over the last week - I just seem to have had so much to do. Every time I sit at the computer, I skim through the blogs I follow, get side tracked into new ones and end up too tired to write as well as a bit overwhelmed by how much is already out there.

Most importantly I'm preparing for the PNG trip and Port Moresby workshops and exhibition. But I've also taught four classes here and in Brisbane, started two BOM groups in my studio (The Robyn Allen Waters "Sewing Circle" stitcheries), made the Bird of paradise Quilt and a baby quilt for my sister's new baby. Now I'm making an alternative Pacific quilt for PNG and still have a hexagon quilt I'd like to make for the workshop for village women I'll be teaching also in Port Moresby.

I went to a wonderful International Women's Day Lunch organised by Maleny Magic Patchwork and Quilts with Jenny Bowker as the guest speaker. What an engaging and inspirational presenter she is! And she generously brought suit cases full of her quilts which she explained and then let us all examine and touch. It was a very inspirational day and extremely well organised by Bev from Maleny Magic.

I've also got some new products I haven't yet put on my website, some lovely Moda pre -cuts. The Moda Bake Shop Blog is fantastic for a continuous stream of new and inspiring patterns and tutorials to use with the pre- cuts.

I have loads of new photos of workshops and student work as well as some more of my own projects in progress and finished.

Dolly's favourite spot is on the portable ironing board positioned next to my sewing machine... Do you think she could squeeze herself any smaller to fit into the only remaining sliver of space left after all my Pacific fabrics were unpacked on there?
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