Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last Blog Studio Tour

These are the last of my Studio Photos for the Blog Tour. Below is a row of fabrics with a cute little hand made in Africa, African doll. I love these things!

I have a curious three panel Applique Wall Hanging made by Zimbabwean refugees in Cape Town. The panels tell a story and it's hand written in quaint broken English on a scrap of paper hidden in a secret pocket in the quilt. This quilt's hiding place is in a pot in the middle panel. The story goes, by panel: Friends go to a funeral, harvesting grain for market day, and Mama greets her friend at her home.

Finally, a jumble of all my little bits resides in a New Guinean woven basket handy to my sewing machine. I love my baskets, dolls and other little artifacts.
Thank you for visiting, please come again.
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  1. Thanks for the tour of your space. Your studio looks well thought out and workable - very nice, I like your design wall and little artifacts.


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