Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Frost

Wow! Freezing this morning. I was up around 5.30m AM (before the sun!) and the air was so nippy, as the kettle boiled I took a wander outside. I could see a dim grey film on the grass and daisy plants at the front of the garden so I had a feel and the blade of grass almost snapped in my fingers. Our first frost! When it got a bit lighter i took a couple of photos. Look at my poor red hibiscus, covered in powdery white frost. It seems so incongruous to see a tropical flower this way...

The grass looks delicate and lacy.

Amelia tried skating on the frosty grass. You can really see the chill in the air. As the sun continued to rise, so did the mist and everything looked magical.

It was so cold, and it still is! Haven't been able to warm up yet. And now all those poor frost bitten plants have turned black and burnt especially my coleuses. I'm not much of a gardener, so I guess it will take a while for them to recover now.
Hope it's not too cold where you are -
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