Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Metal Birds in Gardens... and Welcome!

Welcome all of you who are checking out my blog for the first time in response to my Website Email campaign!
After heaps of mind stretching effort on my part (and patience on the part of the web developers!) I've put a Subscription link to my website, Quiltopia!Design. If you've it lately, you will have noticed I have a new "SUBSCRIBE" patch on the right hand side. If you click on that, you can subscribe to my news letter, Needleword, and also receive a free BOM to make my Three Easy Pieces contemporary sampler quilt. It's easy to make and you can give it your own personal touch depending on what fabrics you choose. It's been popular as a class and I've seen all sorts of variations of it.
You can also see a schedule of my classes permanently posted in the side bar. The ones listed now are mostly for Third Term.

While my camera batteries recharge, I'm posting some images of metal bird garden ornaments I captured a couple of weeks ago at some open gardens.
Chickens and roosters are popular garden additions, in all sorts of forms. There were wire ones,

traditional weather vanes and
cute painted folk art ones.

But the most unique was this gorgeous kookaburra made from Aussie corrugated iron.

Spend some time in the garden, maybe try my block this month, and happy quilting -
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