Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Quilts

I've just finished two new quilts! (And a third is away being quilted!) After what seems to be a long period of un-productivity, they all seem to get finished at the same time. I've just posted the pictures one here as the other one has a bit of a story attached and i don't have to to write it right now...
This one I'm calling Red Roses Posies and was inspired by a patter by HD Designs. It's all one fabric cut on the repeat to make four-patch kaleidoscope blocks. My quilt is queen size and I made it for my bedroom - first time ever I have actually made a quilt to suit my own decor!
The fabric is Moda, Beach House by Blackbird Designs and I love its slightly faded but rich colours; like it's been covering a bed in a beach house, sun and salt gently bleaching out the rough edges on the colours so it's soft and warm to lie on, reading your book and glancing out the open window to the sand, sea and sky, a soft breeze fluttering the curtains... It was beautiful to work with too, very soft and smooth.

Below are some of the individual blocks and you can see the wide variety of "posies" you can get depending on how you put them together. I've already had requests for classes , and I will be doing that soon, so keep checking the class list in the side bar for dates and prices.

You might be able to see the gorgeous quilting pattern Tricia used. It's got little folksy birds fluttering amongst flowers. I love it!
I've had a lousy cold and now it's school holidays so my time's got to stretch a long way in the next couple of weeks... Hope you've got something to inspire you and if it's holiday time for you too - have fun,

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