Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Gypsy Bubbles"

Just a snippet to show you I'm still here! I've been incredibly busy with setting up my new "micro-shop" in Maple Street, Maleny. It's been fun, and a really
to all of you who have dropped in and supported me!
I've also had my 50th Birthday! I had a party with lovely friends and family. My sister, her husband and baby Eva even came from PNG!
I thought I'd give you a peek at the Gypsy Bubbles Quilt's progress... It's actually finished now and will be hanging in the shop for you to see in the fabric, and book into classes for too.
I'm calling it Patricia after the designer of the fabrics, Patricia Bravo. It looks like a Patricia!
Here it is, hanging on the design curtain in the shop below.
Now here it is, becoming a quilt as I've started quilting it. I had terrible problems with my Janome 6500 - in fact I think it died. So I swapped over to my little Pfaff which did itself proud (but it was harder to manipulate the quilt under the smaller arm).
I just had to show you this one! I pulled out my chair to start stitching and what did I find? It's Dolly, making sure I had a rest from quilting!
As I said, the quilt is finished now and I will be posting more pictures.
I'm so excited - I've just made my first sale of Fabric by the Metre in my Ebay Store!
Happy creating,
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  1. What a lovely adorable cat you have! I love your fabric choices.


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