Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Big Five -Oh!

Yes, it happened! I turned Fifty on the weekend!
I had a Birthday Party and everything!
Look at the beautiful wrapping on the two gifts below...
Linda's has one of her gorgeous fabric hearts , piece of sari silk and is wrapped in Bali Batik fabric...
And my Coffee Club Girlfriends used exquisite co-ordinated papers and double sided tape! The gifts inside were lovely too - as were ALL the others. It's hard to remember to take photos to blog at your birthday party!
The cake was superb, made by Mum and decorated by my sister Susan too. Unfortunately I only thought to take the photo AFTER I'd cut the cake. But you get the idea... Yummy red bubbles too...
Two very special people: my lovely daughter Amelia and my sweet little niece Eva, on the actual day in a quilty photo taken in my shop with the Heirloom Hexagons Quilt.
Being 50 is not at all bad and definitely better than 40-something!
Thanks to everyone for making it such a fun celebration.
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  1. Happy Belated birthday Ann and welcome to the 50's. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

  2. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Ann
    Happy Birthday to you!

    50 is a great age! Congratulations on arriving to the best part of your life!!!!


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you I hope you got lot of presents from all your family and friends. I have not been on your blog before I is very nice.

  4. Happy Birthday Ann
    It looks like you had a lovely birthday celebration with friends and family.
    Chris and Cait


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