Friday, July 17, 2009

My Latest Project in Print

Australian Quilters Companion # 38, July 2009
My latest project in print in Australian Quilters Companion is Medieval Tapestry. It's now quite an old quilt which I made back when I'd fallen in love with a range of Tudor themed fabric which I madly collected whenever I found some.
I worked out the quilt based on a Blackfords Beauty block and was toying with the idea of making it as a scrappy mystery quilt project. Boy, was it complicated to construct, and then to present as a project to the magazine! But it looks like they've done a good interpretation of it.
It's definitely not my style now, except I do still love quilts made with lots of fabrics and I guess it looks quite good.
I liked the way the magazine gave it a masculine theme in a boy's bedroom. I truly don't have much of a clue about gender specific quilts - I've often been surprised what people like regardless of gender or age!

This was my first commercially quilted quilt and Trish Simpson, from Cut from the Same Cloth, did a lovely job for me.
I just had to add this snippet from the magazine for all those people who (based on my contemporary quilts) have the impression that I may not be meticulous in my quilt construction...
The table of contents lists the quilt with -
Have patience cutting and piecing Ann Ferguson's Medieval Tapestry quilt." !!!
Then, they introduced it with an article featuring Carole King's Tapestry Album- I never was a fan!
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