Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scraps and Leftovers : To make a Doll Quilt or a Cushion?

Every time I finish a quilt top, I 'm left with a pile of scraps, off-cuts and shreds of fabric. I hate throwing them out and I always plan to make some lovely little something with them... but a new and larger project (or the book keeping!) always beckon and i end up bundling them together and stashing them in my scrap bucket until later, when I have more time.
This time I actually did make some small blocks with the usable scraps leftover from the Susan Quilt. Most of the fabric left was in shreds so I only got (barely!) nine almost 4 inch random log cabins. Now I have to decide what to do next...
I've tried out different layouts and these are the three finalists:
a) Yellow with pink spot
b) Fine blue stripe
c) Chocolate spot on aqua.
Now I'm throwing it open to my blog readers: What do you think?
Looking forward to your responses here (I know we all have opinions!),
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  1. I Like the first one best , yellow with pink polka dots
    just makes me smile, this quilt would make me smile every time I saw it.


  2. I like the first one best also, the second isn't quite bright enough and the last one the blue with brown polka dots just doesn't look right against the pinks. I think the first one really balances the pinks without being too bright.

  3. Ann, I'm with Kathie - I like the first one best. Ilkie the colour combination.

  4. The yellow one Ann. It looks refreshing!

  5. Hi Ann,
    Good to see last night in Maleny. I like [c] very much.

    Having a good look through your blog. Beuatiful! Will put a link to it on my Twitter and Facebook to give you a plug!

  6. c, hahaha. you know i love that one(:

  7. Love your choice of trims. Really enjoy visiting your blog as well!


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