Monday, August 31, 2009


Every Saturday, I pack up my quilt studio, fabrics and sewing bits and pieces, and squash them into my trusty little 11 year old Ford Festiva to relocate to my shop in Maple Street, Maleny. Amelia helps me do this. She's got a brilliant sense of humour and a real talent at photo stories and animation. Look what she managed to catch Dusty up to and quickly snap on my digital camera -
What's he contemplating here?

Hmmm, I'll just take a quick spin... I've seen Ann sitting here, she touches that wheel, the car moves back and she comes back home with our dinner...
A quick getaway...
What you lookin' at?! Can't a cat just sit on a rock minding his own business...?
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  1. Timmy is much nicer than that snake, he is a handsome boy. June

  2. What a wonderful story ! Thanks so much .


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