Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Visitor

I've been feeding my Mum's elderly cat, Monkey, while Mum's away on holiday. A couple of days ago we dropped in early to feed Monks before heading down to Brisbane to the Ekka... Imagine my surprise when I almost ran into THIS in my hurry!
"He" was starting to climb up the verandah post but quickly changed his mind when I disturbed him and started heading for the outdoor table. This is right outside Mum's kitchen door.
He was surprisingly quick, making his way to the pile of cushions hidden under the table.
I decided to leave Monks in her comfy laundry for the day and asked the neighbour to checkon her.
Only a few days ago, we sat here and ate lunch!
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  1. Anne -What a horrible surprise for you. It looks big too - glad it was you - I would have run a mile.Fortunately we've never seen a snake in our garden .....yet!

  2. Wow! and to think you had the presents of mind to take pictures! Monkey, what a cute name for a cat!

  3. The warm weather must be bringing them out!
    We had a carpet snake up under our verandah roof the other day.

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