Friday, August 7, 2009

Memories of my Feelings of Place Exhibition in Port Moresby.

I have just put a link in the side bar to my Feelings of Place Exhibition, hung earlier this year in Port Moresby. It was a wonderful experience for me, very busy over the four days meeting people through workshops I held, family and the exhibition event and sales. There have been other photos in older posts but I thought I'd just post a couple more here too. My sister and her family have just been in Maleny visiting for my birthday. They left yesterday and we miss them!
The PNG family: Eva, Walla, Yvonne, Ellie, Thompson and Susan.
A stack of quilts for the exhibition.
At Boroko Market with the billum sellers. This is one of the places I buy my billums for my online store.(I've just got a new shipment but have not listed them yet - so come back to look if you're interested!) The little girl is Ellie, my step -niece.
Just check out the amazing variety of colour and pattern in these uniquely hand woven items of beauty and use!
Tigger the kitten, curled up on a traditional woven mat.
A folded flower in the Bird of Paradise Quilt for the workshop.
The Bird of Paradise Workshop in the lovely Ela Beach Hotel venue.
Quilt admiring staff at the hotel...
Quilts by the Port Moresby Quilt Society.Participants from villages around Port Moresby, in the hand hexagon workshop.

I was presented with a magnificent basket by the Head Lady of one of the villages. I was interested to know that many of the women make quilts and sell them in their villages.Myself, Dame Carol Kidu, Marilyn Ward and Susan at the official opening, by the Dame, of the hexagon workshop.To finish, my little niece Eva enjoying the sunset light playing on my Fire Within Quilt (Part of the exhibition).


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  2. Hi Ann,
    What a fantastic quilt exhibition and workshop at Port Moresby. I love the folded flower block on the workshop quilt.


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