Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Stained Glass Class at QuiltEssentials

I've just finished another class for my quilt, Zen Courtyard AKA Stained Glass Stack and Slash. I've posted a few times about various classes, and quilts made in them, for this quilt. So, just a quick peak at a block from most of the participants- unfortunately a few were away on the day I brought my camera! Have a look at the blocks below just to see how different each one is. Even the two Bali Batik ones, though similar, are different and will make up two very different feeling quilts.

As usual, it was a lovely class at QuiltEssentials in Brisbane. Great work space, friendly people, lovely class participants and yummy food from Alfina's next door, as you can see from the mini mud cakes in the first photo.
Thanks girls! And thanks for stopping by,


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