Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Patricia" Quilted

I finished quilting the Gypsy Bubbles, Patricia Quilt! I love all those beautiful photos on other people's blogs, showing the lovely textures of quilting, so I tried to take some to show you too.
I am quite proud of this one, having quilted it entirely free of templates on my domestic sewing machine. My nice big Janome 2500 sort of died in the process (more correctly, it's gone into a coma after having a seizure caused by a malfunction in its motherboard). So I had to change over to my little Pfaff. It did a pretty good job.
This is the back,
a close up of the all-in-one binding with its little peeper trim,
and finally, its passed the comfy test by Dolly who started to sleep on it as soon as I folded it and put it on my studio table!
I haven't got back to the little doll quilt I asked you about in a post below, but the overwhelming vote went to (a), the yellow with the pink dot. Thanks for all your responses and I'll post when its finished.
Till next time,
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  1. ahh. This guy is exhausted. I'm sure it is from a busy day helping you quilt.



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