Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall in Spring

Look at this glorious cactus flower! It's spring in Maleny and this is one of my Christmas Cactuses flowering. It's scabby looking, unremarkable plant but every October it manages to push out about 4 gigantic buds which open into these lovely honey filled flowers. I brought it up onto my veranda so we can enjoy the flowers while they're here. at the end, they drop a big sticky glob of honey. For beautiful flower photos and quilty, crafty ideas, visit Flower Garden. Truly inspirational!

Speaking of Spring, Halloween is not in Fall over here! I love Halloween. It all seems so romantic and mysterious to me, but I've only been Trick-or-Treating with Amelia a few times when she was little. Her father is Canadian, so she grew up with all sorts of Halloween traditions in a country only just beginning to celebrate it.
Now for a current Autumn(Fall) themed WIP. I've just added this fantastic Alexander Henry Halloween fabric to my stock and I had to make something... Decided to use an idea out of Jane Hardy Miller's new French Braid book, French Braid Obsession for the border. It came together surprisingly easily, just with fabrics from my stash and stock. It's about 1 x 1.25 metres. Quite fun! Now I have to quilt it, and quickly, before the 30th.

You might notice the new button at the top af my side bar. It's a Quilt Festival Blog for Autumn 2009. I haven't put a quilt on yet, but am just deciding which one. Click on the button to join or just see some inspirational quilts from hundreds of generous quilting bloggers. Don't forget to leave plenty of appreciative and encouraging comments!
Have fun,
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  1. Fabulous quilt - both the middle fabric and the border!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. The pink on those flowers is so pretty. The halloween quilt is awesome.Glad to have come across this site by way of my cyber friend Stephanie of blue star stitcher.


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