Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why I've been not posting...

I wasn't quite sure what to title this post. I keep popping onto Blogger but never have time to write. I've a had a hassle with eBay and haven't been able to list items - even though I've got a whole lot of new stock (including some fantastic Alexander Henry prints!). I installed EQ6 but haven't been able to access the files. I haven't had time to write my Newsletter and had a glitch with my BOM...
School holidays are over now and at least I don't feel guilty working all day when Amelia's back at school.
I guess it's all down to priorities isn't it? I've got several commissions to finish(and start!) before Christmas, so I decided these need to come first. Over the last 3 weeks I've finished 2 commissions and a quilt I want to write a pattern for. I've also read Wuthering Heights again (I don't think I finished it all those years ago in High School) which inspired the other quilt I've made using The Morris Workshop.
You can see the African Quilt I've just completed. It's 2m square and quilt-as-you-go, and I've got to say I'm very pleased wit the result. The owner asked for the turquoise accent, and I think it worked really well.
This is the back! It's reversible and the quilting really comes up well. I have more photos and plan to blog the process of making this quilt. If anyone is interested, please leave a comment.
Then, the quilt below is another commission for a 13 year old birthday, by her grandmother. She has a lovely tradition that she commissions hand made blanket or quilt for each of her grandchildren at the onset of their thirteenth year. I have ones to make for boys next year... a challenge for someone who has no men in her life to speak of!
I was also happy with this quilt for which I was inspired by a design in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens . There were some really beautiful silks and some really tricky fabrics in there, and as I basted, the quilt started to literally pull apart. I had to reinforce all the fray-y fabrics and start basting again. Anyway, it's gone to its home at Brisbane artist, Kathryn Brimblecome-Fox's, and everyone seems happy.

My next venture is the Conondale Quilt Show this coming weekend, 10th-11th October, at the Conondale Hall just west of Maleny. This is a true Australian country quilt show, with local vendors, demonstrations, lovely quilts and of course, superb country -style lunches and morning teas all served on bone china, with bunches of divine roses from local growers, festooning the tables. Well worth a visit!

Catch up soon,

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  1. Sounds all too much!Its soo frustrating when all these computer glitches start happening. Came in to see you on Sunday but you'd already gone.

  2. Hi Ann, Wanted to make sure I made a comment on your BLOG as well as Facebook. We all just love the Quilt Mum ordered for the special birthday gift. I am going to tell eveyone that a quilt for special birthdays is an absolute 'MUST'.


  3. Very interested in your African quilt! It is a recent trip to Africa that brought me to an interest in quilting and, thus, to your blog.


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