Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wuthering Heights

This is one of the quilts I have recently finished. Having no computer for a while certainly increased my creative productivity (but I missed you all)! I love this quilt.
I had some Morris Workshop Jelly rolls in stock and decided to keep one as they seemed so popular. When I opened it, I wasn't sure if I actually LIKED it! A bit subtle for my usual taste. (Being a Leo, I usually tend to the more flamboyant...) Then of course I couldn't re-roll it back together to sell, so it lay there all loose and dejected for a while. Then I re-read my Mum's beautiful old Wuthering Heights book... saw a simple traditional 16 patch quilt in a magazine and all the William Morris botanical patterns, gentle but strong colours and designs somehow melded in my mind with the story and this quilt popped out!
I used Moda Kyoto Cloth as the cream background fabric. It's 50/50% cotton and bamboo and was beautiful to sew. I used it on the back too, and you can see what a lovely crinkly appearance it gets after washing. I simply machine quilted a cross hatch all over the quilt in a gently variegated neutral King Tut thread.
With bamboo batting as well, the quilt came out of the drier very crinkly and soft, with a lovely drape. I love the way the colours shimmer across the surface, creating an optical effect. It's amazing how these subtle colours and designs can produce such a dramatic result... a bit like Emily Bronte's simple Wuthering Heights story.
I'm making in it Kaffes (Rowans really) with a fuchsia dots background now to see if the effect is the same!Brilliant lime backing...
Till next time-
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  1. That looks wonderful - the first photo looks like you had fun colouring it in with pencils!
    I didn't know about Kyoto cloth - that sounds lovely t use. It has turned out a stunner. Can't wait for episode 2!

  2. oh Ann I LOVE It! you used one jelly roll to make this quilt?
    wow. I haven't used the Moda Kyoto Cloth yet but now I want to try it, glad you liked it so much, always nice to get a review of a new product before I jump in and try it.
    its such a mellow quilt but yet graphic...
    What size is the quilt?

  3. Looks great. Janet from Quiltsalott
    has made a similar quilt using different colours. They both look stunning. Well done.

  4. Amazing, I love it in the Morris workshop fabrics, I did make one just like this actually, did you start one in the Kaffes yet?


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