Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"I Spy" Blast from My Quilting Past

I recently made an I Spy quilt from a design I made about 11 years ago!

I designed a quilt to showcase a collection of fabrics and to teach as a project for my first Patchwork students back in the 90's. At that time it was a collection of Japanese fabrics, with hand-dyed indigo sashing. Then I did it for a couple of new babies, with novelty fabrics as an "I Spy". Most recently, I've re-used the idea in my African Quilts. It's very simple, but greatly loved! I sold a few of them when we first moved to Maleny about 8 years ago.
Recently one of those customers from the past contacted me again to ask if I still made the quilts and if I would make another one!

I said yes, and went to find my long unused shoebox of now vintage novelty fabrics. I looked up my quilt sketch book/planning journal and there found the entire details of the making of the quilt, including the words on the label, fabric requirements and costing. The lesson to be learned: ALWAYS KEEP A LOG OF YOUR QUILTS!
The fabrics brought floods of memories of my little girl, quilts, times, places and feelings from the past...
Here's Doll, always ready to comfort test a new quilt. And I just threw in a peak at another recent commission being quilted. This one's a Random quilt and looks great when finished with a jumbo pompom trim.
See you soon,
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  1. Ann, Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I am energised but this time of year does take its toll...parties, end of school things and so on. The quilts you have written about sound fabulous. The 'I Spy' one looks gorgeous. And, from what I can see so does the new random one. Cheers,

  2. Ann, your 'I-Spy' quilt looks fabulous. Doll looks very happy too. Cheers, Linda

  3. Thanks also for visiting my blog! A friend will soon be having her second child--the first one is 23 and has two children of her own! I am going to make my friend's baby an I Spy quilt---it will have to wait until after Christmas though. I have lots of Christmas gifts underway at the moment and they need to get done first. I like your I Spy with the corner blocks and sashing.


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