Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who's Giving Quilts this Christmas?

Who's giving quilts this Christmas?
Who's spent the last few weeks frantically finishing off projects just right for those special people in their lives? Who's breathed that deep sigh of relief at a task finished and a job well done?Who's wrapped them carefully and packed them up with just a little anxiety, hoping their recipients will love them?
Who has stepped back to admire their handiwork and skill? This is one I think we tend to forget.
After I'd packed these four quilts for family members, I looked over and saw them stacked up and looking magnificent in their Christmaswrappings - I'd forgotten to appreciate them stacked as themselves with there bright and subtle colours clashing and complementing each other as the personalities of their receivers do!
I wonder if they'll guess what their presents from me are, under the Christmas tree this year...?
Many wishes for a Joyous Christmas and Wonderful New Year!
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  1. Merry Christmas Ann, You have done what i plan to do next year, Have to learn how to quilt first. but that is my goal next year.

  2. What lucky people to receive one of your quilts - hope they appreciate all your hard work . Have a great break at Noosa. Lesley


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