Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cats and Quilts

Enter, the Cats...
and Dolly...

make their first appearance for 2010, and they'd like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year, I'm sure!
They're both snuggled in their favourite spots. Dusty's on a quilt on my bed, and Dolly's taken over a quilt top waiting to be ironed before basting, on my ironing board. (it looks a bit like a surf board here.) It doesn't matter what's on there, Dolly will be with it - even a steaming iron.
The quilt at the top is an old one, Clare Valley Rainbow , when I was still practising and trying out traditional machine quilting patterns on my sewing machine. My wobbly vine stems always bothered me, but it looks quite nice in this light. I bought a pack of gorgeous fabrics which reminded me of the Clare Valley wine growing area in South Australia, from Frangipani Fabrics when they first opened in Darwin years ago. Then I proceeded to make a medallion quilt.
The next quilt has been in progress for about a year now, and has spent most of it's uncompleted life as a table cloth to cover up a trestle tabe when my shop was temporary. Now I've moved in, I have proper furniture and I can finish the quilt. It's quite nice, made with South African Shweshwe indigos and red.
I seem to have a lot of quilts at the quilting stage - actually at the basting stage, which I hate! I've spent nearly my whole weekend hours not at work, pin basting. What a dreary bore...
Now I have to get dressed and vacuum, yes, on a Sunday!
But I have had breakfast in bed while reading Memoires of a Geisha my latest book club book. I'm surprised that , although I've read it before and seen the movie, I'm enjoying and am gripped by it as much as before, maybe more.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
xoxo Ann
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  1. Ann, the quilts look great. I'd love to see teh one ofn the ironing board when it is finished! It looks very chic. Hope the vacuuming is completed and the house stays tidy for awhile. Mine stys tidy for about a nanosecond!

  2. is superb and the cat is adorable.

  3. Cute post. Actually, I've been thinking we need a Quilt & Pet photo contest.



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