Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweltering Summer 2010, Baroon Pocket Dam

It's been REALLY hot here, and Maleny is usually a couple of degrees cooler than Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast! We went for a picnic with friends from Darwin, to Baroon Pocket Dam.
The Kookaburras are very cheeky there and often swoop down to grab your sausage from its bun while it's en route to your mouth!
Here's one just waiting for the opportunity...
Black swans also joined us on the lake. I altered this image a little - it's a bit like a lino print now.
The water was so clear for this little flock of swans.
And here's something I'm working on at present, to fit the summer mood.

We've finally had a bit of rain today and things have cooled down a bit for now. Thank heavens for air-con in my shop!
Hope you're keeping cool too,
Ann xoxo
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  1. love the quilt top that more enjoyable than the lat one you did...cause it looks like it might be!

    i hope you are staying cool really painted a picture of your time at the dam...looks heavenly.

  2. lovely, the wild life pics and the quilt in progress, well done!


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