Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rainy Maleny

Maleny has been living up to its nick name, "Rainy Maleny" lately. We had a huge downpour today, the rain falling in sheets from the sky, thunder and flash flooding while I was in my shop fiddling around with a little quilt I started last year. I had to dash out side to take some photos to share with you!
When I went back in and surveyed my progress... OMG... It took a while to work out what the problem was, but I'd sewn the bottom row on the wrong way. (You can see the dark halves of the log cabins are all on the wrong side of the blocks.) Did it matter? The piece was only destined to be a cushion in the end, to make my shop arm chair more comfy. I spent way too long deciding that it DID matter, and reluctantly unpicked the row. Lucky it was small...
It does look better now! I went home and finished the top later and will show you in the next post. It's very cute - even if a bit fussy.
xoxo Ann.
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  1. Looks fun and yes we too had a lot of rain here in Brisbane.


  2. You know if you hadn't fixed that bottom row it would have bugged you for a long time.....looks good!


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