Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fish and Flowers Quilt Finished.

Well here it is, completed! I thought I better post the finished quilt before it got too far in the past and I forgot. I made this quilt for a friend of my mum's 80th birthday. She's young at heart and was thrilled with the gift.
This was a different quilt for me, but when I think about it, it's a bit similar to the Outback one, with a background of strips and raw edge applique on top.
I used a Moda Marbles Pastels Jelly Roll plus some summery fabric strips for the background, then scraps of bright fabrics for the applique. I like the rickrack flower stems and stripey fish. Then I outline quilted in black around all the shapes and stipple quilted the spaces. I've never been a fan of stippling, or done quite so much, but it grew on me with this quilt. So much so, that I stippled a whole quilt after this one!
I used a 2 inch black and white stripe on the back, and I think it works. When you turn the quilt over, you can see the quilting (also in black and white) like a line drawing on the back. It's a bit of fun.
xoxo Ann.
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  1. it is beautiful ann...are the h ladies swimming appliqued or part of a fussy cut fabric strip ...cause whatever they are perfect!

    excuse the h my arrow keys seem to have locked down....cannot use them!

  2. It all looks wonderful - a really beautiful quilt. Congratulations!!!!!
    Oh, and tonnes of envy at Rainy Maleny. It is jus tplain dry and dusty and horrible hot down here.
    Can't wait for winter to roll in!


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