Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I've just realized, I haven't posted about my latest finished commission. You've seen bits and pieces of it here, here and here if you'd like to follow its development. It's already gone to its owner... and I've finished another quilt I haven't even uploaded the photos for! This one is for a grandson. I slowly built it up from the star in the centre and half square triangles which features an African Shweshwe pack of 5 inch red squares. These dictated the size of the star, the medallion and the quilt. I think they also give the quilt a bit of an African flavour too.
I used the left overs and some of the fabrics given to me by the client to finish the quilt. The dark blue strips on the are a synthetic sear sucker with a metallic thread pin stripe! -You can see it better in the top pic.
I love the backing, which is a Moda one. They quilt by machine so beautifully - a very soft and crinkly finish... just what you want under a quilt next to your body!
I like medallion quilts, but they definitely are a bit slower and seem to take a bit more consideration than some of the others. They tend to spend more time on the design wall waiting for the next border to take shape in my mind.
I was very happy with this quilt and I think its my favourite of the 6 Grand children's quilts I've made for this lovely Grandmother.
I've got lots more to write, but will put it in a new post later,
xo xo Ann.


  1. well I love this medallion quilt
    it would make a great little mini quilt for my wall of quilts someday!
    yes they take a wile to make and they tend to linger on my wall as well
    but I love them!

  2. beautiful quilt, and I think you worked with great pleasure.

  3. It's a great quilt, I love the softness that's showing in the photo.


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