Friday, July 2, 2010

An Australian Country Quilt Show

Australian Country Quilt Shows are unique and special events. A few weeks ago now, I was lucky to attend the iconic Peachester Quilt Show as a stall holder. Peachester is a little country town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and its biennial quilt show is renowned for its wealth of talent, rustic charm, and delicious country hospitality . The Mountain Quilters certainly boast some more than their fair share of well known quilters and artists.
From Maleny, the drive takes you through the the picturesque Glasshouse Mountains,
past Bald Knob (!),to the community hall where the show is held. This year the show was called "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" and featured displays of antique and retro handwork. Look at this beautiful Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt. It was all made of silks and fine fabrics, and becoming very fragile.
There was also a display of embroidered aprons. Remember those? I know I've used a few more worn ones in patchwork quilts. Love that kangaroo one!
Then just on the other side of that screen was a display of the exquisite works of Bernadine Hine, world famous art quilter who is one of the Mountain Quilters. Here she is explaining some of her techniques to an admirer. Bernadine's award-winning pictorial quilts feature in many exhibitions around the world.
A feature of every Peachester Quilt Show is the famous "Challenge". This year the fabric was a shiny gold lurex type. This is one of the quilts, with the fish being made of the challenge fabric. I loved this one.You can see the kind of interest generated by the Challenge! There is a constant crowd of people looking, admiring, and voting for favourites. The variety and quality of entries is quite amazing. One of the winners (not sure whether it was first or second) was the long, elegant quilt,with the appliqued work and black border, on the far right.
There were some lovely display quilts too. This one by Barbara Groves has a beautiful tree of life interpretation as its centre panel,and I loved this opulent, colour saturated Oriental quilt by Lyn Hargreaves.
Martin, the group's president conducted the event with a green bag full of raffle tickets and a steady stream of lucky draws throughout the weekend.
Peachester is famous for its warm and generous country hospitality, and here are the ladies with the welcoming spread of morning and afternoon teas, and lunches. We stall holders certainly weren't hungry.
Just a friendly country warning adding to the rustic charm!The floral offerings, made from flowers from the members' gardens, were as spectacular as the quilts. I loved this Grevillia arrangement which decorated the bathroom. How beautiful is that?And finally, the stall holders. There was a good spread of local traders represented at the show, and we all had a great time as well as a profitable one. This is quite a new thing for me, and despite the effort involved in preparing and taking everything, I love meeting the people and connecting with other quilters and shop owners. That's my stand, Quiltopia!Design, at the front and next it is Appatchy Quilting with Joan and a customer chatting.
Some handmade porcelain button badges - I bought one of the little sewing name tags
The weekend over and all packed up, a lone quilter makes her way home with her bundle of quilts and perhaps a few goodies she's gleaned through the day...
It was a lovely weekend and I'm looking forward to the next one in two years time.
I went to The Gympie Quilt and Craft Fair the following weekend... but more about that another time.
xo xo Ann.


  1. You can't beat a country quilt show for colour and hospitality and such a wonderful setting. The quilts look wonderful and so does your stall. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

  2. Thanks for the photos from the exhibit in Australia. I always like to see what other art quilters are doing around the world.


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