Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Post from this computer...

I wanted to write one last blog post from my trusty old laptop. We've been throug a lot - I've learnt just about everyting I know about the Internet on this little BenQ. Its got a busted h key, stuck onto the keyboard with sticky tape, so nearly always h doesn't register when I type and I have to correct in editor. I've left the mistakes in this time, for posterity.
Next time I'll be posting from a brand new MacBook!
How exciting is that? I guess it will take a while to get used to and I'm a little apprehensive, but I'm really looking forward to a faster process. Today I'm taking this one in to get all my files migrated onto the new one and on Friday, I'll be able to play with my new one.
Enough of that.I've posted some new photos of Gypsy, that rose quilt that I washed with disastrous results. I couldn't bring myself to actually take photos of what happened to some of the silk squares, but they were really frayed and wadding was exposed. I tried a number of different solutions using large turquoise roses cut form a Valerie Wells fabric and intended to be appliqued on. I even tried making them three dimensional.
I had it hanging in my studio for ages auditioning, and I just wasn't happy. My daughter was quite vocal about how muc she DIDN'T like the roses, their colour, their number etc, but how much she likes the quilt as it is, so....I decided to only patch the spots with the fraying and wadding, and I used some fussy cut roses from a Phillip Jacobs print (also in the quilt). They toned quite well and don't detract from the actual quilt. It will never be a quilt I love... O well.
I don't have a full photo of it yet - Amelia's gone to school camp with our shared camera (hers) while mines getting repaired on warranty.
I've also been working on something new using the beautiful Under the Australian Sun fabrics, by Leesa Chandler. When I saw this range, I was immediately inspired to make ... something. There are so many quilts waiting to be made with these intense, oriental/Australian fabrics.

It's taking shape slowly, with sewing machines being serviced and all the other things that happen in life.
More next time,
xo xo Ann.


  1. I have a MacBook Pro and love it. Have fun

  2. Poor Gypsy..poor you! Nothing like putting in all that work and it won't wash well. Love your new project!!! You'll love your new laptop! Maybe you can keep your old friend for memories~

  3. I loved your post but wonder if the new computer is working out as I see no further posts. I am using a laptop that is dying in bits and pieces.
    Hope all is well.

  4. Hello Ann

    I left a post on my blog for you!


    Beatriz / Brasil


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