Monday, January 10, 2011

Queensland Weather.

Just a short post about the Queensland Weather situation.We went for a Micro Holiday (just one night in a luxury hotel booked through Wotif) in Brisbane last weekend.
It was really relaxing.
We did have a lovely time exploring by car and on foot.
A textile arrangement at the House of Warwick and an amazing collage made from cardboard fruit and grocery boxes.
A beautiful necklace.An interesting Bar...
But on the way home the huge storm hit and I think we were lucky to get home on Sunday night.
It's been raining ever since.
We have a waterfall and small flood under the house.
The poor little Grinch (the feral cat that shelters here) has been curled up exhausted under the house.
Our own cats are getting cabin fever... Where's Dusty? Oh yeah, as close as he can be to me...!
I haven't had any customers in my shop and we had a power - out in town today. I spent all yesterday cutting 5 inch charm squares for my "I Spy" fabric packs - 5 hours and 8 complete packs! (And a very sore foot from standing).

My thoughts and wishes go out to all of those, you, who have been affected by the weather and flood here; and those affected by the fires in WA. The world seems to be in turmoil!
xo xo Ann.


  1. glad you are safe ann....hope the power stays on and you have everything you need. its good to be able to keep busy.

  2. I hope you are keeping dry Ann and that the floods pass you by. It must be tough for the business and I sympathise because we have been there in times past with cyclones in Cairns. Take care.

  3. Jessica has left a new comment on your post "Queensland Weather.":

    I am glad you are safe. I am near Caboolture, high and dry-ish.
    It really is devastating.


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