Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finished the 2010 Quilt Top

I have finished the 2010 (do you say two-thousand and ten or twenty ten?) quilt top! It is 13, 4 3/4 inch blocks x 13, 4 3/4 inch blocks, so 169 little liberated log cabins. I kept being able to scrape together just enough fabric scraps from the shop to make row by row.
You can see the back here:
Each block was pieced on a foundation of calico, muslin or left over quilt backing. I pressed the seam allowances open in the hope that it will make quilting it easier. I didn't find that the seams matched up quite so accurately as when I push and press the seams to the sides.
These were finally the only scraps left.
Definitely not enough to make two more rows of 14 blocks each!
So I stopped here.
Dusty found the leftovers a nice comforting spot to nestle during all our wet weather!
I took the quilt top into the shop to choose a really nice fabric for the back...but I didn't end up using one of these two Prints Charming ones. I 'm using a greenish Art Gallery fabric instead. And I'm up to my least favourite step in the process - basting. So it's all sitting over the back of a chair at home waiting.
The scraps left in the bin after piecing the original scraps into log cabin blocks:
I was almost considering using them in another quilt...
I know some of you might have done that!
Now I've got some new scraps from the ends of strips I cut to make my I Spy Packs and I plan to make something out of them too.
I'm very thankful that we've been spared the devastation of the floods, and my thoughts go out to all of you who have been affected,
♥ Ann

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  1. Ann,
    This top is beautiful! All the scrappy log cabins are so inviting! I dare not start another project but oh this is so much fun! You did a great job!


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