Friday, February 18, 2011

Regent Street Triangles

I know, right? Regent Street Triangles...boring name for a blog post, but I couldn't think of anything else just now. Ive been playing around with the technique of making half square triangles from two Moda charm squares as demonstrated here by Missouri Star Quilt Co. (I've got to say, their tutorials are really good.)
The pros: It's very easy and quick.
The cons: the resulting triangle units all have bias edges and are a tiny bit unstable to sew together later. This isn't that big a deal though.
The pairing of the two 5 inch squares results in four half square triangles which then sew together into a 6 inch square unit so you end up with 42, 6 inch square blocks from two packs of 42, 5 inch squares. I don't understand the maths, but that's just how it is.
You get a really nice sized baby or lap quilt when you sew them all together.
I used the new Moda range Regent Street Lawn and Snow charm squares for my little quilt. And I decided to make Birds in the Air or Robbing Peter to Pay Paul sort of blocks, rather than Pinwheels (with their 8 intersecting central seams.)
I was going to have each block sitting singly on point with setting squares made from this gorgeous vintage cross stitch table cloth.
But when I auditioned it, it seamed too bright for the Snow background fabric.
I also tried out some other configurations of blocks, and whether to set light half/dark half up or down. They all created different effects that I quite liked.
In the end, I liked the triangles all sewn together like little pennants flying in the breeze. I decided to group them in larger blocks of four with similar colour and value, like I did with the Wuthering Heights quilt.
The result is OK. Now I'm up to the border. I tried out the table cloth again, and surprisingly it works quite well... but I'm not sure about it. I feel it would be nice to use it to its advantage in something also a bit more striking, or a bit more of a showcase for it.
We'll see...
In the mean time, Dolly's telling me it's dinner time. So, time to go for now,
Ann ♥

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  1. I Love the patterns... and your Kitty's cute too!


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