Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Odds and Sods

Just a few odds and sods today.
I've been lying low with a bout of pharyngitis - had to take two days off last week and actually spent them in bed. Now my voice is husky and my head's a bit fuzzy, but life goes on. I recently changed the quilt on my bed and I'm using the Darwin Cliffs Quilt I made soon after I moved down to Maleny. The quilt won First Prize in the Australian Quilt Show and has travelled to all the major world quilt shows - Houston, Chicago and France. I thought it was time I used it, and it's a nice feeling to have such a special quilt on my bed. The quilting is all by hand and the fabrics are are intersting to look at. I'm surprising myself with how much i like the blue, not usually my first choice. Dolly likes it too. A cat doesn't seem to mind how precious a quilt is, as it's a quilt!
The new Kaffe Fassett book, Welcome Home, is
a new addition to my library and has some gorgeous inspirational pictures and stories as well as a must make one day quilt, Katzahayhen.
Shaye finished her first little quilt and has moved on to another one, or two, for friends. The happy combination of Central Park and Just Wing It Moda Charm Packs really looks lovely.

I washed a quilt for my Mum the other day, folded it ready to take over to her, and Dusty found it of course. He cleaned himself completely, then settled down to sleep. This is one of my very first quilts, made in a class in Darwin and given to my mother about 13 years ago - washed for the first time.
Finally, my latest quilt. This one's a from a pattern download from Red Rooster Fabrics for the Katagami fabric collection. I loved these fabrics and ordered the whole range for the shop. I just finished the top this morning and intended to baste and quilt it today,
but instead I've been trying to upload a whole lot of new listing to eBay.... Just Wing it, Sherbet Pips, and a couple of other future ranges arrived today....but eBay's not being cooperative and I decided I'd write a quick post here.
Have a great day,
Ann ♥

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  1. Beautiful quilts on cats. Hope you'll enter them in the Pets on Quilts Show this coming August.



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